Frequently Asked Questions

South Texas Water Authority was created by the Legislature in 1979 to provide water to customers in central Kleberg County and western Nueces County.

Who’s in charge of the Authority?

The Authority is overseen by a nine-member Board of Directors. Five directors are named by the Kleberg County Commissioners Court, and four are named by the Nueces County Commissioners Court. Day-to-day operations are overseen by an Executive Director with 14 staff members.

What does the Authority do?

The Authority purchases water from the City of Corpus Christi and brings it 28 miles to Kingsville through a 42-inch water line and to western Nueces County through a smaller spurline. It provides water resources to communities in the area it serves. The Authority also manages the Nueces Water Supply Corporation and the Ricardo Water Supply Corporation through contracts with those entities.

Where does the Authority get its money?

The Authority sells water to seven customers – Kingsville, Bishop, Ricardo WSC, Nueces WSC, Agua Dulce, Driscoll, and Banquete. The Authority passes through the cost-per thousand-gallons rate from the City of Corpus Christi and adds a Fiscal Year 2021 Handling Charge of 42.6386 cents per thousand gallons.

In 2001, voters approved an operating-and maintenance tax up to 12 cents per $100 of property value. In September 2021, the STWA Board adopted a M&O tax rate of 6.7506 cents per $100 and an I&S tax rate of 1.4920 cents per $100, so a home on the tax rolls at $100,000 pays about $6.87 a month to support reliable water operations and repayment of voter approved bonds.